The Ultimate Guide to Moving into a Smaller Space

Moving into a smaller space can save you a lot of money and make your life a lot easier. Not only will you pay less for a mortgage (or rent) and utilities in a smaller space, but it will also be easier on you to find the things you need. You won’t have as much room, so you won’t have as much clutter. You’ll also save money on movers arround Arizona when it comes time to relocate again!

Despite the benefits, people still find the idea of moving into a smaller space a little intimidating. With a little planning – and a little change to your habits – you can make the move and your new smaller-living lifestyle easy. Here’s how:

Moving Tips

Measure Everything

Don’t make any assumptions about what is going to fit in your new, smaller space. Get out your measuring tape and get the dimensions for everything. You need to find out the size of the spaces you have for things like furniture and appliances, and then you need to measure your furniture and appliances to make sure they will fit.

Make sure you also measure the floor space that will be remaining once the furniture and appliances are moved. Even though your bulky couch may actually fit in the space, it may make the room so cramped that it’s hard to move around. You need to consider not only what will fit in your new space but also how you will operate in that space. Consider replacing furniture or appliances that are too bulky.

Move the Big Things First

You’re going to find it hard to bring in your big sectional if you have to maneuver around boxes and side tables. Moving your big items first is going to make it much easier for you to navigate your space without breaking anything or injuring yourself.

Also make a plan for unloading the front of the house first and then unpacking into the back of the new house first. You’ll have a clear path each time that will make things easier on you and your movers.

Break Things down for Moving

A lot of furniture actually has multiple pieces, and some of these pieces can be removed. Taking the time to take off legs, extra leaves from tables, and so on before you can make things much easier on you when you are trying to maneuver a smaller space. Those pieces will fit more easily through narrow doorways and around smaller corners and passageways. Removing those pieces may even make the furniture lighter to carry.

Pare Down Your Belongings

A lot of us fill our spaces with more things. We see the empty space, and we just have to fill it. When you are in a smaller space, you need fewer things. You may be surprised once you start going through your belongings to find that you have a lot of things you don’t really need.

Go through your home room by room and sell or give away the things that are no longer serving you. You’ll have a lighter mental load with less clutter in your home, and you’ll have far less to move to your new home and to organize. You’ll even save on what you have to pay the movers!

Moving into a smaller space may feel a bit scary at first, but it can be liberating. You’ll be amazed at how good you can feel when you aren’t surrounded by as much stuff or as much space that you have to clean. Take these steps to prepare for your move and make the whole process much easier.

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