Things You Should Avoid Packing During Your Move

Moving into a new house or apartment is a big deal, whether you’re moving across town or moving out of state. It’s not only a big financial decision, but also a big life moment. For some people, moving homes signals a change in their lifestyle, or a chance to start over. However you may see it, moving can still be a hassle. You have to go house shopping, secure your financial stability, and call your friends or hire professional movers in Mesa for help. Oh, and you have to pack. A lot.

Things you should avoid packing during your move

So, when you finally get all those empty boxes stacked up in your home, you have to start somewhere. Everybody has their own personal list of what’s more or less valuable, but here’s some other items that you probably shouldn’t stick into the back of a moving truck with all your heavy furniture.

Hazardous Materials

Get rid of hazardous materials before you move

Chances are, you probably have a few hazardous and/or flammable chemicals lying around in the garage. But, most Mesa moving companies won’t let you load them into their truck. So, either give them to a friend or family member that’s staying nearby, or look up your local hazardous waste disposal center to get rid of them safely. Or, conversely, you can pack the chemicals in a box to avoid spillage, and pack them in your own vehicle – at your own risk.


Get rid of your perishable food before moving day

Most food goes bad. You most likely don’t want your food going bad when you’re moving, though. So, try to get rid of your food before moving day comes; eat it all, or donate some non-perishable foods (or produce) which you don’t want to a food drive. Another reason to not pack food is to avoid having that bag of chips, or that jar of peanuts, spilling all over everything in the truck.

But, if you’re moving a short distance, you can probably afford to pack your food in your car and transport it to your new home. Unless your refrigerator is one of the first things getting put in at the new house, you should probably pack your fridge food in a cooler until you can store it all properly.


Do not move with any alcohol

Oh boy, here’s the big one. No, your movers probably will not let you pack your booze in the moving truck. No, you probably can’t bribe them with a few beers to let you pack it. Alcohol poses a flammability threat, especially in a hot moving truck in the middle of summer. So, worst-case scenario in hand, you have to drink all your beer before you can leave. At least you can have a going-away party that way.

Fragile and Sentimental Items

Hire a moving company to pack fragile items

Grandma’s china collection. Mom’s jewelry that you inherited. The photo album full of awkward pictures of you that your mom showed to your girlfriend the first time they met. The little clay thingamajig that you made in 2nd grade. None (or most) of these are things that you would want to see shattered into a million pieces. A professional moving company in Mesa will have the experiance to corectly pack your belongings. Anything can happen on the road, and you shouldn’t risk having fragile or sentimental items get damaged during your move.

It’s advised to carefully pack fragile items tightly in a box, with paper or packing peanuts to keep them in place and safe from bumps in the road. If you pack these items in your car, try not to stack anything on top of them to avoid breakage.

Unused or Broken Items

If you’ve been living in your home for a while now, then you’ve probably got some junk here and there. There might be something that broke a couple months ago, but you still haven’t bothered to fix it. Or, there might just be some in-general useless items sitting and collecting dust because you never use them. Don’t bother packing these items. They’re a waste of space and will only make your move that much more of a hassle.

You should either fix the broken items if you want to keep them, or donate them to your local Goodwill or other charity. The same goes with your dust-collectors; if you don’t plan on ever using them, donate them to a charity. This goes for books, knick-knacks, and anything else that you don’t ever use. Getting rid of these items will save you space in both the moving truck and your new home.

Oversized Furniture

Make sure your furniture can fit in your new home before you pack it

If you’re downsizing for your move, then the furniture that you have right now might not fit in the new living room. Make sure that your furniture – beds, sofas, tables, etc. – can fit into the new house before you get there and find our your sofa is two feet two long. Try donating your furniture to Goodwill. If you have a friend or family member nearby that has furniture they don’t need, and that furniture will fit in your new house or apartment, try trading furniture with them! That way you both get a new sofa, for free.

Confidential or Sensitive Documents

Keep all documents together

Your car title, birth certificate, etc. aren’t called “sensitive information” for no reason. Most people even keep these in a safe at home. Just as you wouldn’t want these documents getting stolen by a robber, you wouldn’t want them to get lost in a moving truck. Find a folder to keep these files safe, and pack them in your car. Keep them close, so that you don’t lose them 30 miles away from where you’re moving to.


Don't pack medicine when moving

Prescription meds, allergy meds, the nasal sprayer from the time you had nasal congestion for a month straight, and painkillers. Whatever clutters your medicine cabinet, you should keep it handy. Like, in-a-small-bag-in-the-front-seat-of-your-car handy. No matter how far you’re moving, your stuff is never going to be completely unpacked and put-away within a week. You’re probably going to need some of your medicine – even if it’s just an Aspirin – between the time you start moving and the time that you finish unpacking. Don’t let your medicine get lost in one of the twenty boxes labeled “Kitchen Stuff”.


Toilet paper, toothpaste, acne cream, hair gel, etc. You usually use these things at least once a day, so don’t be surprised if you packed them in a box labeled “Bathroom” and wake up on the first day in your new home and find your bathroom cabinet empty. If you find your hygiene to be important – which you should – then you shouldn’t pack your toiletries into the back of a moving truck. You’re gonna want those necessities available right away.

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Other Stuff

If there’s anything you have that’s not on this list, but you don’t feel comfortable with packing it into a truck, don’t hesitate to bring it in your personal vehicle. Your belongings are yours, after all, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best for them.

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