Things to Think About when Moving your Pet

Moving in Arizona can sometimes be stressful. The heat, the heavy furniture, and the anxiety of moving your pet from one location to another. It’s no secret that we all cherish our pets as if they are family, and the last thing we want to do is take them out of their comfort zone and plant them in a new, strange area that they have to get used to all over again. And if you are moving a long distance with an Ahwatukee moving company, there might be some things you want to consider before you take this next step in your life and relocate yourself and your pets. Here are a few things to think about when moving your pet.

things to think about when moving your pet

If you are moving to an entirely different area in Arizona, you should always check local ordinances to the area you are relocating to. Do your research. There are tons of restrictions on pets that sometimes don’t make any sense, but we have to follow these rules nonetheless. If you are moving to an apartment complex, there is a good chance that you can’t have any pets at all, and if you can, then there may be size and weight restrictions for your dogs. In some communities, you can’t have dogs over thirty pounds, and sometimes only cats are allowed. Make sure you find out the kinds of restrictions there are in your community before you relocate.

Before your local move in Ahwatukee, you should take care of your pet. Make a veterinarian appointment to get your pet’s vaccinations, medications, and medical records taken care of. Moving to a new area will mean that you need to visit a new veterinarian. So having all of these things before you move can make the aftermath much less stressful on you and your pet. Plus, it will be one less thing to worry about when you are in the process of relocating. Vaccinations and pet registrations are state requirements and if you don’t get these done beforehand, then you could face certain penalties.

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If your pet has a microchip id, then you should keep the contact information up to date in case of an emergency. This technology is a great way to keep track of our pets if they get loose, and to make sure that we can find them as quickly as possible. If your pet does not have a microchip, then you should get its tags changed immediately to the new address. This is an important step to take when you move because in the event that your pet gets away, their tags will have updated information on them, and they will hopefully be returned safely to you.

When you have your Gilbert moving company in your home or if you are doing the packing yourself, then you should probably arrange for your pet to stay with a friend or at a kennel. Pets become easily stressed from the hustle and bustle of a crowded and busy house, so take them somewhere else. Also, if there is an Ahwatukee moving company making its way through your home, then there is a good chance that doors and gates could be left open, giving your pet the opportunity for escape. Take the extra precaution and put your dog or cat in a safe environment so you don’t lose track of them.

cat in moving box in gilbert homeOnce you are finally moved into your home, you should take extra time to give them love and attention because the new location may be stressful for them to endure. If you have just gotten them back from the kennel or with a friend, treat them to extra pets and snuggles so that they don’t feel left out. Explore the new home with them so they can take comfort in your presence, and make sure that they don’t go anywhere that they should not be going. Our pets are very dear to us, and making sure they are comfortable and safe in the new house is essential to their happiness and ours. Take them to their special bed and spend a little bit more time with them to make the transition easy and relaxing for them.

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