3 Things To Think About When Moving School Aged Kids

Dealing with a move, whether you are moving across the state or across the nation, is always stressful, not only for you, but for your kids as well. As parents, you want to take your kids into consideration when you move and before you contact your Gilbert moving company. Although the move is ultimately your choice, you should thoroughly weigh your options when deciding on whether or not a move is right for you and your family. If you ignore this vital step in the moving process, it could have drastic consequences on both you and your kids.

The age your your children is a huge factor in determining the scope of your move. Moving kids who haven’t entered school yet is far easier than moving school aged children. There is a long list of things to consider when moving school aged children, but we’ve narrowed it down to the three most important factors:

Things To Think About When Moving School Aged Kids

Make Sure Their Schooling is Your Top Priority

Relocating your kids from one school to another, especially out of state, can come with a lot of paperwork and other implications that you might not be prepared to deal with as an already stressed parent. You want to make the transition on your children seamless and do your best to make it as easy as possible on your kids.

Talk to your kids’ current teachers, as well as their new teachers to see if there is any material your kids need to review so that they aren’t behind when they reach their new school. Being a new student is already traumatizing enough, and without the proper preparation, your kid may fall behind too easily if they aren’t aware of the curriculum they are set to learn in their new school.

You should also discuss with their teachers what their major strengths and weaknesses are so that the teacher is better prepared to help your child should they fall behind. This may include tutoring or catch-up work that ensures that they are on par with students who have been there from the start.

Another great way to make the school move as easy as possible is to enroll your kids in afterschool activities such as clubs or the school’s athletic program. This can be a great way to ensure that your child makes friends, which can often be the toughest part about an interstate move for school aged children.

Talk To Your Kids About Their Social & Emotional Fears

Change is frightening for children, especially when changing schools and losing their friend group. You should always discuss important things with your children, especially when it pertains to their social and emotional wellbeing. Starting out at a new school is an emotional and stressful hardship for a child to endure. And even if you make the school transition as seamless as possible, that won’t melt away the worries your kids have about actually starting.

There are many things you should discuss with your children before you decide on a long distance moving company, and many things you should be attuned to when going into the discussion. You should realize that they will probably be insecure about their lack of friends and being accepted by their peers. They will also be worried and nervous that they won’t be able to live up to the academic expectations of the new teachers and school. They also might experience sadness over the loss of their old friends, teachers, and classmates.

There is also another emotional toll that comes with a long distance move that happens out of tragedy such as a divorce or financial changes. Having a serious discussion with your child about their wellbeing and how they are feeling about the move is an important step to take before you decide on moving your kids. You need to be aware of how much the move is affecting your children and make sure they know that they are your top priority.

Give your child some control in the move. Let them help plan, pack, and move items to help your long distance moving company. This can be a fun way to give them some confidence and make the move more fun. Another good way to involve them is to research the area you are moving to. Find the best ice cream shops, movie theaters, and parks so that when you arrive, your child knows what’s around. Make them feel as though they are part of the moving process, because they are.

Moving Logistics

Although you are trying to involve your child in your move, your Gilbert long distance movers should handle most of the packing, loading, and unloading. In reality, having a child around on moving day, might complicate things, especially if they are younger.

On moving day, you should consider keeping them with a grandparent, family friend, or other family member that is nearby so that they can stay happy and safe while the chaos around your home unfolds with busy Gilbert movers. If you can’t send them to a family member, it might be best to hire a babysitter to keep an eye on them.

You should also make sure your child is well fed and that you have non-perishable food items that can be kept in an ice chest for easy access. Make sure it’s filled with their favorite foods and drinks to keep them positive, especially if they are easy to eat. It’s also a good idea to prepare games, books, and toys for the move so that you can keep them happily entertained.

Moving is exhausting, so make sure you have a pillow and blanket ready for your child in the event that they need to take some time to rest in all the stress of the move. Your long distance moving company can handle everything while your children rest up for the long journey. You’ll also need some essential items for the long ride, such as toiletries, first aid, and personal items that shouldn’t be taken onto the moving truck. Keep them off to the side in a safe, inaccessible area.

When you have decided to go through with your move and your children are set and ready to go, contact the Gilbert long distance movers at A to Z Valley Wide Movers. We offer affordable, fast, and trustworthy moving services to ensure that your move goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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