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So it’s time to move in the Glendale area and your friendly packrat friend or family member has asked for your help. While it’s never fun to waste a perfectly good Saturday hauling large boxes down staircases as your partners take pillows and lots of breaks, you’re doing it, and we’ve got a few tips for you while you do it. By nature, moving is frustrating, hard work. This is only made worse if your friend is a packrat, way worse. It doesn’t matter if they’re the type who just keep everything, or if they are some sort of collector, or a straight up hoarder, making it through the move can be physically and emotionally draining. Here’s a few ways to deal with it.

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Make sure to leave a good amount of time dedicated to sorting. As time passes and the possessions really start to stack up it means that moving all of it is going to take more than a few hours and a few boxes. And it doesn’t matter WHERE they move as well, a small apartment or big house, there is a seemingly infinite amount of stuff that needs to be sorted through. So you’re going to need time. Make sure to plan accordingly and brace yourself for a longer than usual activity. “A studio apartment stacked to the ceiling and filled with stuff from wall to wall can take a week or more to organize and clean,” says Emma Gordon, storage specialist at Clutter Storage, an on-demand storage company based in Culver City, CA. If you think you’re going to need more supplies than usual you’re correct. And if you really want to help you can show up with boxes, bags, gloves, cleaning supplies and more.

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Take into consideration the emotional side of the move. You may start to feel down or angry about how much work needs to be done but keep in mind that you are not the only one moving, it’s hard for everyone. You’ve made the commitment to help and you got to stick by it. Remember that as exhausting and frustrating as it is for you, the person you’re helping is maybe feeling embarrassed or stressed out as well. You’re all in this together, so buckle down and make it happen. It may not be fun to move in the San Tan Valley sun, that’s why you may want to consider movers, or a moving company serving Glendale and Arrowhead. But if not, keep going.

packratPatience is key is making it through. Be sure not to disrespect the owner’s possessions by treating them poorly. Take your time, sort calmly through each room and keep an ear out for how you can best help. Try to put yourself in their shoes. You’re going to want to focus on decluttering the area. There is most likely a lot of stuff in the residence that they don’t really need anymore. It may be hard for them to throw some stuff out. A good way to circumvent any hard feelings is to suggest donating the items to their favorite charity. That way their stuff does not go to waste, but lives on. Sometimes this can be easy and sometimes this can be hard. And many times there may be underlying issues that make it hard to them to throw away their stuff.

Make sure you got a plan of attack. Now that you’re pumped and ready to help, and your friend or family member is ready as well, it’s time to get started and just doing it. If you have a plan in place it will make the process go by much smoother, cutting down on tension and strain. Maybe you can set aside special places to put stuff as you sort through it. Make one area for keepers, one area for giving away and another trash pile. After you have agreed on the spot go ahead and get started in one room and slowly but surely work through to each part of the house. Maybe even carry a box with you so you can easily collect loose items on the fly and keep them in one spot.

Just stick with it. But remember, your San Tan Valley movers and San Tan Valley moving company should you need one is AZ Valleywide Movers. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about helping a friend move in the 85305 and 85303 areas.

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