Tips for Protecting Your Furniture in a Move

Furniture is often the most at risk during a move. It is heavy and cumbersome to move, and it is easy to knock into walls, to drop, or to scratch when you put boxes on top of it in the truck. The more amateur the movers – i.e. the friends you bribe with free pizza to give you moving help – the more likely the damage will be.

Tips for protecting your furniture in a move

Hiring a professional moving company in Scottsdale is the very best way to protect your furniture, some of which may be family heirlooms or have precious sentimental value. You may have furniture that can’t be replaced, so the stakes are high during a move. If you absolutely insist on moving the furniture yourself, you need to take precautions to protect it. Here are a few things you can do:

Use Blankets and Wraps

Hire a moving company to make your move easy

Special wraps and blankets are made to protect furniture in a move. You simply wrap furniture like dressers or dining room tables in these blankets or cloth, and it provides some padding to protect against damage. Wrapped furniture is far less likely to be scratched, gouged, dented, or otherwise damaged.

Even if you hire movers in Arizona to handle the transport of your belongings – which you should – it is still advisable to wrap the furniture since this will protect it. Most movers will perform this service for you, but you can do it yourself if you are trying to keep costs low.

Put Sliders on the Bottom

How Furniture sliders can help make your move easy

Carrying furniture increases the risk of damaging it. The furniture is heavy and is hard to keep balanced. You can easily drop it or run into a wall or other furniture. Instead, move furniture easily and steadily by putting sliders under it. These are small, plastic pieces that function almost like wheels, allowing you to easily push or pull the furniture across the floor.

You can also move furniture by putting a blanket or piece of cardboard underneath it. You can then pull the material and drag the furniture across the floor. You will be able to move the furniture more easily and have more control over it, which will minimize the risk of damage.

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Disassemble Furniture

Furniture is a lot easier to move when it is in pieces instead of one massive hunk. Imagine how much easier it would be to carry a bookcase when it is nothing but a pile of board, or a dining room table when it is one table top and a few legs.

Make it easier to move your furniture and keep it safe by breaking into down into manageable pieces. Even taking the legs and cushions off a couch will make it more lightweight and easier to carry.

Measure Spaces Carefully

Take plenty of measurements when moving

Trying to push a China hutch through a narrow doorway or pry it back out after it gets wedged in the door frame is a surefire way to damage your furniture. Save yourself a lot of heartache by measuring the doorways and other passageways first. That includes hallways and stair wells. Don’t wait until you get stuck and are slamming your furniture into walls and rails to find out that the furniture won’t fit and you need a different plan.

Get More Help than You Think You Need

Make sure you have plenty of moving help

More hands will always make lighter work of heavy furniture. Sure, you might be able to muscle that giant armoire out the door with two people, but having four or even five to carry it will make it easier to move. The easier it is to move, the less likely anyone is to drop it or to knock it into a wall, damaging it.

If you are going to ask friends for moving help, get as many friends as you can, and have as many of them on a piece of furniture at a time as possible. But better yet, just hire a professional Scottsdale moving company to make the lightest load of the work before you.

Moving is no easy task, no matter how little you think you have to move or how close your new home is. Take as many precautions as you can to protect your furniture. The best precaution you can take is to hire professional moving help in Phoenix to do the job for you.

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