Top 5 Things Your Movers Wish You Knew

Moving to a new place is stressful! Packing alone is exhausting, and once you arrive to your new home, unpacking is exasperating as well. Residents in Arizona consider the weather when moving with a long distance or local moving company in Ahwatukee to a new home. From May to August, the heat is brutal, and from October to January, one never knows when it’s going to rain, the weather is bipolar during the winter. Packing, cleaning, and weather are the top things that people think when moving to a new place. Adding to that, the transportation is also important. Normally, one will search online for a Scottsdale moving company, and call to set a date.

That’s it. That person will not think about the residential moving company near you in Ahwatukee until the day before the move. On the day of the move, the moving company truck arrives to your house, ready to transport your belonging to your new place, but you are not ready. The Scottsdale movers are helping you finish packing, you are ordering them around, don’t communicate with them properly, and a few valuables were damaged during the move. The entire day, the movers are wishing you were better prepared. Here are five things movers recommend you to do:

top 5 things your movers wish you knew

1. Research the moving company.

When searching for a moving company online, everyone will look or call for a quote. Very few people will read the reviews or look up the reputation of the moving company. Choose at least two moving companies that seem ideally and visit each one personally. Talk with the employees. Ask how they like working there and how long have they’ve been working. When hiring a moving company, price is only part of the portion. You are going to spend at least a whole day with individuals from the moving company you are going to hire. Maker sure you feel comfortable.

2. Get your packing done before moving day.

Finished packing your belongs before the big day. Do not leave any boxes untaped and scattered throughout the house. Bubble wrap your dedicated possessions and box everything that needs to be boxed. After you are done packing, label the boxes. We recommend to label boxes by declaring what room each box belongs in the new place: master bedroom, Tom’s bedroom, kitchen, dining room, den, Nancy’s rooms, office room, laundry room, and so on. Also, if the box has a valuable or a fragile item, label that. Stack the boxes against the wall or in a central room. Stacking the boxes against the wall allows the movers to move around quickly and easily.

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3. Communicate with the movers.

Communication is huge! When you are hiring the moving company, make sure to mention any big furniture that is included in the move, like a washer, piano or refrigerator. That might require more manpower and extra hours. On the day of the move, before the movers start loading your boxes onto the truck, tell them where all the boxes are and which ones contain valuables/fragile items. If you did label the boxes with red stars that have valuable and fragile items, tell the movers to be careful with those boxes. Also, once you’ve arrived to your new home, communicate where each boxes goes. Since you labeled the boxes, tell the movers where the den is, which room is the masters and which is Tom’s room. Just communicate where everything goes.

4. Do not get in the way.

While you are communicating where everything goes and what boxes contains valuables/fragile items, get out of the way! Getting out of the way includes not lifting boxes, not jumping into the truck and not getting in the pathway of the movers. Your only job is to direct the movers where your boxes are and where they belong. The reason why movers hate it when you get in the way is because you become an insurance liability and jeopardize the work safety of the movers. The residential movers in Ahwatukee are professionals and of the proper training to lift boxes and how to take care of them. Respect the movers and the move will go smoothly.

5. Tip your movers.

movers helping people move their things in scottsdaleEvery moving company is a service business, so a tip will be well appreciated. If you tip the movers at the beginning of the day, their performance will be top notch. It will demonstrate the appreciation you’ll have and will encourage the movers to go above and beyond. Another form of appreciation is by buying lunch. Remember, moving is stressful, and while the movers may be use of moving, buying lunch will make everyone’s day better. Plus, the movers are doing all the heavy lifting and dealing is your exasperating behavior.

Having these five things on mind will make your movers happy, and be less stressful for you. Research the moving company, finished packing and label everything before moving day, communicate with the movers, don’t get in their way, and feeding them will result of a smooth day. If you are moving to a new place or out of state, explore our website. A to Z Valley Wide Movers offer residential, commercial, packing and storage services. Call us for a free quote and learn how we can make your move less stressful.

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