Top 5 Ways to Hurt Yourself While Moving

A lot of people choose to move their own things with the help of a few friends and the promise of free beer and pizza later. While you might save some money by doing this, you’ll certainly wear out the goodwill of your friends, and you’ll wind up hot, tired, and achy. On top of that, you’ll also very likely end up damaging your property or your belongings, leaving behind scuffs, scratches, tears, and worse.

Even more problematic is how easy it is to hurt yourself when you are moving. It’s much better to hire professional movers in Mesa who know what they’re doing and save yourself the trouble. Here are the top five ways that you are likely to hurt yourself while moving:

Top 5 ways to hurt yourself while moving

Cuts and Scrapes

You can get cuts and scrapes if you don't have a professional mover to help you

It is so easy to cut or scrape yourself while moving. Maybe you’re moving a couch with your friend’s help and you stumble backwards into a stack of boxes because you can’t see behind you. Something poking out of the box cuts you across the calf. Or maybe you grab a box and get a sharp corner, cutting yourself along your hand.

There are many ways you can get cut or banged up while you’re moving. Some cuts might be minor, but some could require stitches or become infected, leading to bigger problems.

Trips and Falls

Have a moving company to help you so you don't fall and hurt yourself

Boxes and furniture are everywhere when you’re moving, whether you are loading up the items from your current house or unpacking into your new house. Even the most organized among us ends up with a cluttered mess at the end of it all. You can easily stumble and fall while moving, leading to sprained limbs or broken bones, bad cuts, and even head injuries.

The severity of your injury from a trip or fall will depend on how far you fall and how you land. If you land on sharp or irregularly shaped objects, the injury is likely to be worse.

Dropped Furniture

You could drop and damage your furniture without a movers help

Furniture is easy to drop. It’s hard to maintain your grip when you are carrying something really heavy, even if you have moving help in Mesa. When you do drop a piece of heavy furniture or equipment, the first place it is likely to hit is whatever is right below it, and that is usually one of your feet. At a minimum, you’ll be in a lot of pain. At worst, you could have a broken toe or broken foot.

Back Injury

Don't get a back injury hire a moving company

Carrying heavy furniture and boxes all day long will strain even the fittest of figures. If you don’t have the right posture or use the right techniques when lifting and carrying these heavy items, you can easily injure your back. You could throw out your back or end up with a slipped disc.

Heavy lifting can lead to other injuries, like a hernia, as well. You should use the right techniques and the right tools, such as a back brace, if you insist on moving these things yourself, but the best course of action is to hire a professional moving company in Mesa to do the work for you.

Fall down Stairs

If you are moving to or from an apartment, chances are good that there will be stairs involved. You could also have to manage stairs if you have a two-story home or you are moving into one. Carrying heavy furniture, trying to hold too many boxes at once, or simply just being exhausted after a long day of moving can all cause you to become unbalanced. If that happens near the stairs, you could have a nasty fall.
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Falling down the stairs can lead to serious and even fatal injury. Add heavy furniture or boxes that might fall on top of you and there is high potential for deadly consequences.


Don’t skip out on hiring movers in an effort to save money. You’ll end up costing yourself a lot more in the process. You might end up hurting yourself or damaging your property, and at best, you’ll have spent an entire day engaged in unpleasant, back-breaking work. Just hire a moving company to perform the work for you.


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