Top 5 Ways to Make Your Long-Distance Move Fun

Moving to a new state or even a new country can be very exciting, but it can also be very stressful. You are going to a place where you may not know anyone, and you will have to recreate your routines, finding new schools, doctors, favorite restaurants, and so on. You’ll also have to pack up everything you own and make sure it is secure for a long move.

A long-distance move can be a lot of work, but it needn’t be physically or emotionally taxing. You can hire professional long-distance movers in Mesa to take care of the heavy lifting and to ensure that all your belongings make it to their new home safely. You can also use these tips to make your packing and overall moving process a little bit more fun:


Create a Playlist

Music can pull us out of our deepest doldrums, and it can make even the most tedious tasks move along a little quicker. Music lifts our spirits and gives us motivation. With the right music playing in the background, packing won’t seem like such a chore, and you’ll get the work done much more quickly.

Create a few playlists for different moods you want to create. You might want to make one for packing, one for the long road trip ahead, and one for unpacking in the new place. You might want to make one for when you’re tired and just want to feel more relaxed, and you might want to make one when you need energy and want to get hyped up. Have your favorites ready to go to really get into the spirit.

Have Plenty of Snacks

Being hungry or thirsty is going to make any job seem harder or more unpleasant. You may not even realize that you’re hungry; you may just be irritable and have a harder time concentrating. Your packing will start going more slowly, and you’ll feel miserable the whole time.

Bring plenty of snacks and drinks to ensure that you are well-hydrated and that your blood sugar remains stable so that you have enough energy and your mood remains stable. You’ll have a better time while you’re moving, and you’ll finish much more quickly.

Use Smaller Boxes

One of the reasons why moving can feel so taxing is that you have to lug around huge, heavy boxes. You quickly tire out just from moving boxes short distances. The less physical energy you have, the less mental energy you have for the process also.

You can make this part of your move easier by using smaller boxes. Try not to use anything bigger than a banker’s box, and pack the boxes with a balance of light and heavy items so that no boxes are too heavy. You should use bigger boxes for bigger items, of course, but always use the smallest box you can for those bigger items.

Use an App

Plenty of apps are available to help you stay organized during your move and to work more efficiently. Apps are available that do things like track what’s inside each box (with a picture or a list), provide a timeline with to-do items, and help you manage expenses. If you aren’t a naturally organized or detail-oriented person, these apps can keep you on track without making the job seem tedious.

Create a Rewards System

If packing and tending to other moving tasks feels like serious drudgery, you can motivate yourself with a rewards system. You might promise yourself your favorite Starbucks drink after you get through two more boxes. Or you might promise yourself a nice dinner out somewhere if you can get through a productive day of packing and preparing.

Set incremental rewards that you can meet (and afford). Then give yourself a big “prize” for finishing up. You’ll feel more motivated throughout the moving process, and you’ll create pleasant associations with your moving tasks.

Moving may be a responsibility that you can’t ignore, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Hire reputable, professional movers in Mesa who will put your mind at ease with their skill and experience, and follow these tips to make the rest of the moving process more fun.

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