Top ways to save money when planning a move

A to Z Valley Wide Movers can help with anything from local to long distant moves, providing the packing, unpacking, moving, loading, unloading and everything in between. Moving in the middle of the Arizona heat can be brutal, so let us do it for you. As one of the top moving companies in the Valley, we put pride and integrity behind every move ensuring your stuff arrives there safe and on time for whatever transition you may be making.

Moving in Paradise Valley is expensive, or can be. We always forget the deposits to move electricity, installation fees to have the fastest Internet possible, or how cooking seems impossible so eating out is a must. Luckily, we start your move off right by providing free quotes on your moving expenses.

Save money when moving.

Xanax please.

I think we all agree that moving is a hassle, regardless of where or with who. There’s so much excitement around the thought of a new home that combined with the stress of what goes where and how and when – it can get overwhelming in about a half of a heartbeat.

Moving in-town or in-state and you may rack up one thousand big ones on moving expenses, move to Toronto or Mississippi (out of state anywhere) and you’ll pay more than a decent down payment on a new Jetta.

Piggyback me!

Ever heard of piggybacking? Not the fun children’s game of ‘I hope you don’t drop me on the sidewalk’ but the friendly sharable truck space option. Who would have thought?! Apps such as Ghostride help movers find other movers that have extra space in their truck. Almost like Remoras on manta rays or Great Whites. For one-third the cost of renting a moving truck entirely to yourself, using someone else’s space could save you a ton of cash – and since it seems like good karma, why not?

But baby it’s cold outside.

Grab your Uggs and drink a mocha. Moving in the winter is cheaper because, well, no one wants to do it. You’ll save a bunch by moving in the off-season and if you negotiate at all it will be in your best interest to mention that you know its slow season and prices should be lower. Ahhh, the power of haggling.

Everyone’s leases are up at the end of the month, right? So why not use that rational mind of yours and not move at the exact same time as everyone else. If you can finagle moving in the middle of the month, or even a more “off” day such as the 21st, that will save you money as movers are more available and not so packed to get everyone into their new homes.

Moving companies in the 85250 area are just like any other service, peaking in certain months and ebbing in others. Sometimes playing the game is worth it… when it comes to movers.

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We all love real answers.

Be aware of estimates that are not guaranteed to represent at least 90% of your final moving price. Much like the hidden shipping costs on your favorite etsy purchase be aware of any hidden costs and worst-case scenario budget for them. Good news is any reputable and reliable moving company like A to Z Valley Wide Movers will keep costs low and cost efficient to save you the most money.

Purge, purge, and purge again.

While packing all of your precious items, it is the perfect time to consider what it is you really love, really need, or perhaps how many phone books you really need. (Is that even a thing anymore?) Deciding whether or not to keep a pair of shorts you’ve never worn shouldn’t be hard. Lightbulb! Garage sale. Sell the things you’re not attached to and rack up the stacks – more often than not we hold on to seven different cookbooks that could all mean moving money in your pocket. Less means more (money) in your pocket, and I can’t find any reason to complain about that.

Freecycle, craigslist, liquor stores [not for the wine you’ll need to survive packing].

Many apps/websites like Freecycle, an entire online forum dedicated to giving away things you don’t want, trading for things you do or finding things you need, can help you find boxes and other moving supplies for FREE. Cha-ching. Even craigslist can be helpful, as many people are willing to hand over boxes, tape and packing material for free so long as they do not have to worry about it anymore. The last thing anyone wants to do after a move is to make yet another trip to recycling and or have to search all of the Home Depot’s for the perfect peanut size. Of course, boxes outside liquor stores make great book boxes because of their durability and Target will set aside as many as you want if you call them 24 hours before you’d like to pick them up. Tuesdays are their unloading days, just fyi.

Save money when planning a move.Do you have tickets to the gun show? *Insert smirking emoji*

For a little extra effort, maybe an extra cup of joe and a lara bar, you can avoid paying someone for the services that you can handle before your move. Not having to break down and set up an Ikea Söderhamn will save you money, as you won’t have to attempt to explain the instructions to movers. With a little elbow grease and some money-saving motivation you can pocket 10-15% more than you would having someone else do the grunt work.


Keep your receipts. For all of the supplies, lunch expenses, actual mover fees and fuel costs can end up coming back to you on your tax return.

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