Ways to Protect Your Belongings When Moving

Moving your entire household is a big undertaking, and it leads to many opportunities for accidents and mistakes. If you don’t take proper care with packing your belongings, things can easily be broken. The movers don’t have to drop a box to break something valuable – if you haven’t packed things well, your crystal vases can crack when they shuffle against each other while someone is simply walking with the box that contains them.

ways to protect your belongings when moving

Packing may require a little more care than you might think. Here are a few things that you or your moving company in San Tan Valley can do to make sure that your belongings are protected during the big move:

Start with the Right Boxes

The right boxes will provide the best foundation for your packing job. Get the wrong size or the wrong type of box, and you could end up with disaster.

For example, you don’t want to choose a big box for a lot of smaller knick knacks and dishes. Sure, you may be able to put a lot of items into the box and reduce the number of boxes you have to carry, but you’ll also create a lot of weight very quickly, making the box hard to move. The weight of all those items on top of each other can also crush items that are on the bottom. You are likely to open the box and find a lot of glass shards inside.

Meanwhile, if you choose a box that is too small for your item, you won’t have enough room for the appropriate padding and could end up with breakage that way.

Choose a box that is the appropriate size and that is sturdy enough for the weight it’s meant to carry. Purchase new boxes to ensure that they are strong and sound.

If you have specialty items, you may need to look for specialty boxes. For example, you should hang on to the original packaging for electronics like a TV or computer for packing during a move. Some specialty boxes are sold for items like fine dinnerware, vases and more.

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Use the Right Padding

Almost everything you pack is going to need some amount of padding – except maybe for books. Without padding, your belongings may break or be scratched or otherwise damaged.

Do more than just grab up a lot of newspaper from the recycling bin. Purchase bubble wrap and foam wrapping for your dinnerware, art, and other delicate items. You can also use packing peanuts to fill in a box around a larger item like a vase.

You can make your linens do double duty when packing. Instead of putting these items in a box by themselves, use them to wrap up plates and other fragile items. Towels, sheets, and thin blankets will provide great padding for these items. You can even use stuffed animals to fill in a box around larger items. Usually, your expert commercial and residential movers in the 85253 area will know how to pack things so that nothing is harmed.

Set Valuables Aside

Valuable items that can’t be replaced should be carried on your person. These are things like your grandmother’s wedding ring, pictures of your children at birth, or your family’s passports. Just create a small bag or box of items that you carry in your own car. Other valuables can include cash, credit cards, personal documents, photos, and any kind of jewelry.

Get Insurance

Even with the best packaging, mistakes can still happen. One of your San Tan Valley movers could lose grip on a box and drop it down the stairs, causing all your China to break.

First check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to see if you have coverage during a move. Make sure you find out how much coverage (in dollar amounts) you have for your belongings, what incidents are covered (car accident, trip and fall, etc.) and where you are covered (only at your current location, in transit, at the new house).

safely package your boxes for movingThen check with your Paradise Valley moving company to find out what coverage they provide. Federal law requires that movers offer insurance coverage for a state-to-state move, but you need to check on the details. If you are moving within Arizona, you’ll need to ask about coverage.

Don’t sign anything on receipt that says you release the moving company from liability. You won’t know until you fully unpack if there is any damage to any of your belongings.

Choosing the right moving company is essential to protecting your possessions, which you have invested a lot of your time and money to get and maintain and which may have sentimental value. A to Z Valleywide Movers is the moving company that Arizona residents trust. We handle residential and commercial moves, and we can provide all the moving services you need, including packing and storage. We work with only experienced movers, and we are fully insured. You can find positive feedback about our services on Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today!

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