Ways to Pack Your Electronics for Safe Moving

You may worry the most over your dinnerware and vases when you are packing, but some of the most valuable equipment you own may end up in a box with little more than a towel wrapped around it for protection. We’re talking about your laptop. Your Playstation. Your flat screen TV. These are things that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you work from home or store family photos digitally, some of these electronics can be priceless.

You need to protect your electronic during a move. Everything you own will be jostled around in boxes, and those boxes will be stacked on top of each other, putting a lot of potential pressure on fragile items. Careful Gilbert movers will minimize the risk, but you need to be careful with your packing, as well.

Ways to Pack Your Electronics for Safe Moving

Before you pack anything, make sure you backup all data on your devices. If your computer or tablet, for example, is damaged in the move, you won’t lose precious photos, documents, or other information, as well. Then follow these tips to pack your electronics and increase the likelihood that they’ll make it to your new home intact:

Photograph and Label All Cords

It’s easy to mix up the cords for your electronics. A lot of them look alike, and it can be easy to lose them in a jumble in a box or a big bag. Before you have to piece everything together like a jigsaw puzzle once you get back in your new place, take a little time and photograph all the cords with their devices. Then use masking tape to label all the cords. When you unpack, you’ll be happy to know exactly where all the cords are that you need to get your essential electronics up and working again.

Remove Components

You shouldn’t pack a printer with the ink cartridge inside. If you do, something could jar it or puncture it, causing ink to spray all over the contents of the box. Similarly, you should remove the components of other electronics. That means taking the games out of any video game consoles, removing flash drives and other portable storage from computers, and detaching any accessories. Doing so will protect the devices and allow you to wrap the components separately to give them additional protection, too.

Get Out the Original Boxes

Hopefully, you kept the boxes that your electronics came in, and you can just go get them out of the attic or the closet where you’ve been storing them. If so, you can protect your electronics in the same packaging that you bought them in. The box and the packing material was designed especially for the device, so they will provide the best protection. Those packing materials were designed to withstand harsh shipping conditions, so they’ll definitely protect your devices when they are in the hands of a Gilbert professional moving company.

Use the Right Packing Materials

If you don’t have the original packaging, you can protect your electronics by using the right packing materials of your own. Use cardboard boxes that are at least three-ply. Get bubble wrap or packing foam that is anti-static. Seal all boxes with strong packing tape, and label each box carefully with a black marker. You should put enough packing materials in each box to cushion your devices, and you should not pack items on top of your devices. Use smaller boxes to minimize the number of other items in the box that could damage your electronics.

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Hire the Right Movers

Of course, the best way to make sure that your electronics get to your new home undamaged is to hire experienced movers who have the skills and the tools to do the job safely and professionally. The right movers will know how to take proper care with all of your belongings, including specialty items that need different handling.

In Arizona, A to Z Valleywide Movers is the moving company to trust. Whether you are trying to protect the electronics in your home or you have an entire computer store to move, our movers will make sure that everything gets there in perfect condition. We are a local moving company, but we also handle long-distance moves across the country. Call us today to get your free moving quote in Arizona or to learn more about the services we offer.


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