What to Do When Your Movers are Doing the Heavy Lifting

Hands down, hiring a Mesa moving company is the best thing you can do to make your move go smoothly. Instead of sweating it out loading boxes onto a rental truck and arguing with your spouse about how to fit your couch and dining table in like a jigsaw to make the most use of the space, you can hire professional movers in Mesa to do the work and you can feel confident knowing that they will handle it all masterfully.

But you may feel a bit guilty just letting your movers do all the work. You may be wondering what you could be doing to be helping. Here are just a few things you can do:

What to Do When Your Movers are Doing the Heavy Lifting

Prepare ahead of Time

You can help your Phoenix movers with the heavy lifting long before they ever arrive by preparing ahead of time. You can make their job easy – and make things easier on yourself when you arrive in your new home – by sorting everything, packing it in the right boxes, and labelling them all clearly. In doing so, your movers will be able to pack the truck quickly and easily, and they’ll know just where to unload boxes when they arrive in your new home.

If you want to make things even easier, create a floor map of your new home so the movers know where each box goes. After all, “bedroom” could refer to one of three or more spaces in most homes. If you do this, you’ll also save yourself a lot of moving around and searching for boxes after the professionals are long gone.

Put Special Items in Your Vehicle

There are some things you shouldn’t just throw in a box, no matter how trusted and professional your Chandler movers are. For example, you wouldn’t want to pack your grandmother’s wedding ring in a jewelry box inside a larger cardboard box.

Pull aside any specialty or valuable items and pack them in a small bag that you will transport in your own car. Do the same for very fragile items, such as original artwork and so on.

Offer Refreshments

Arizona gets hot. Even in the “coldest” months, the temperature barely drops into the 60s in most places. When you’re hauling heavy boxes and moving large furniture, it can get very hot very quickly, no matter how “low” the temperature is outside.

You can make your Peoria movers a little more comfortable by offering some refreshments. Offer plenty of cold water and sports drinks, and maybe consider offering some snacks if it’s a long move. Avoid drinks that include too much sugar or caffeine, as sugar can cause energy crashes and caffeine can lead to dehydration. Choose snacks with lots of protein for sustained energy, such as trail mix.

Stay Out of the Way

You may “feel bad” sitting in comfort while your movers work so hard getting all your belongings safely to their new home. But, really, that’s exactly what you should do. Just sit back and let the movers do their job. Give them plenty of space, and they’ll be able to work more quickly and easily. Plus, nobody likes a micromanager! Just trust their experience and expertise and let them do what they do best.

Hiring a good moving company in Queen Creek can ensure that you have a successful and easy move. You can relax and get to your new home without stress. Follow these tips to help your movers do their job more easily and to make your whole experience easier.

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