Yard Sale Guide to Preparing for Your Move

Having a big yard sale is a great way to get ready for a move. You can clear out clutter by selling items that you no longer want or need, thereby reducing the amount you have to move (and the amount you’ll end up paying the moving company). If you’re sale is large enough – and you’re lucky enough – you can even make a few hundred dollars to offset your moving costs.

You’ll need to do a little planning to make your yard sale as successful as it can be. Here are some tips for planning and executing a great yard sale:

Yard Sale

Get Items Ready

Moving is the perfect time to host a yard sale because you are already sorting through your things to pack them. While you are sorting, take a critical eye to your belongings and pull out anything that you don’t really need anymore. Take away things that are duplicates, that serve the same purpose (do you really need all those different strainers?), or that you just never use at all. Don’t hold onto things “just in case” you’ll need them. You’ve shown yourself already that there isn’t a “just in case” if they haven’t been put to use.

Prepare the items you identify for sale. Wash anything that needs washed, and wipe down or clean the items you can’t throw in the machine. Make any small repairs that you can, such as reattaching doll heads or tightening screws on furniture and electronics. Don’t tell people “This would be great if you clean it up!” Show them how great it is when you first present it.

Choose the Right Timing

You know that holding a yard sale at Christmas is horrible timing. But you might not have considered other holidays that you don’t celebrate. Check the calendar for any holidays or local events that are coming up, and plan your sale around those.

Also consider church services, kids’ events, and other potential obligations when choosing the day and the time for your sale. And check the weather forecast! A good rain will clear out most potential customers.

Promote the Sale

You have a lot of options to promote your yard sale for free or low cost. Put a notice on FB, Craig’s list, in your local newspaper, and in local online groups. Promote the sale a few weeks out, and then send a reminder the week before the sale and a few days before the sale.

You can also print some flyers and post them in local libraries, churches, stores, and more. Just make sure that it is a space for community posting or that you have permission.

Price Everything

Once everything is cleaned up and in its best condition for sale, start tagging your items. If someone picks up an item that has no price tag directly on it, they aren’t likely to ask you for the price – they’re likely to put it down and walk away. You can lose a lot of sales by failing to price things.

Keep your prices low. You may have paid $50 for something when it was new, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth $30 to someone else now. Price your items to sell, or you will end up keeping the things you’ve already identified as unneeded or not useful.

Get Items Ready for the Sale

You will need to display your items in an attractive manner to get people to even stop at your sale, let alone to actually buy something. You need to get tables, bookshelves, garment racks, and other items to display your items and keep them off the ground. Make it easy for people to browse items at eye level, and they’ll be more likely to buy something.

Group similar items together to keep people interested, or they become overwhelmed at the clutter of objects. Make sure you have an extension cord available for people to test electronic items, and have plenty of change available. You don’t want to lose a sale because someone didn’t have the exact change.

Finally, make sure that your yard looks inviting by mowing the lawn and spraying down the driveway and the walk.

With the right planning and the right timing, you can raise a lot of money with a yard sale before your move. You can put some of that money toward your moving expenses, and you can save money on a moving company by reducing the amount you have to transport. You’ll start life in your new home on better financial footing, and you’ll have fewer things to manage.

Once you’re done with the sale, make sure you have the right movers lined up. A to Z Valleywide Movers can get you into your new home safely, whether you are moving across town or across the country. We have local and long distance movers who are committed to providing the highest level of service. Call us in Gilbert today to get a quote for your move!

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