Your Moving Checklist

Moving to a new home is exciting and nerve racking. It does not matter if you are moving two block way, across the city, across the state, across the country or to another country, one needs to be prepared to move. One huge and obvious preparation that needs to be handled is the transportation of your personal items to point B from point A. There is only so much a moving company in Gilbert can offer and what the movers in Gilbert can do. To help you out what is under your position, as the one moving into a new home, A to Z Valley Wide Movers have provided you with an 8 week checklist.

your moving checklist

Why an 8 week checklist? As an Arizona moving company with the a five star rating from Yelp, this checklist is recommended for every resident that is moving to a new home. An eight week period for preparation is recommended for those you are moving at least across the state. The check is as follows:

8 – 6 weeks before your move

moving checklist 6-8 weeks find moving companyOnce you have setted a date for the big move, you need to conduct research moving companies in your area. Investigate prices and benefits. Compare costs and which moving company in Glendale will best fit your needs. A to Z Valley Wide Movers will provide you with a free quote. After you have collected and determine which Arrowhead residential moving company you will be hiring, create a budget. If you are moving across the state or to another state, you’ll need to know how much gas and food will be in the trip and for how many days. Also, it won’t hurt to research your new community. Learn where the hotspots are located, the nearest mall, entertainments and so on. That way, you will be excited to learn more and know your surroundings once you arrive.

After a week of research, you will want to start compiling all your personal records. Personal records such as medical, dental, short and prescription records. While you are gathering all your medical records, as doctors for referrals, it will save you the trouble to search for one. If you have kids and/or pets, also have school and veterinarian records transferred. If you are participate in any health clubs, organization and groups, you will want to cancel or transfer the memberships.

After you are done sweeping through your personal life and your family’s (gathered and put away all important documentation), it’s time to sweep through the house . You’ll have to plan how you will move valuables and difficult to replace items. Determine what items you will keep, donate or discard. Plan a garage sale for every weekend until the week before move day. If you have a kids, make a game out of. Who every donates/sells the most items will get to choose their room first, or something like that.

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5-1 weeks before your Move

Once you have donated or sold items that you don’t need or wanted to discard, it time to start packing a few things. Five weeks (one month) before the big moving day, order boxes and moving supplies that are essential for your personal items. Begin packing items that are not use daily. Make sure you label each box with it contents and the room it is destined for. The labeling will help you determine where each box goes in you new residency, what is it, plus it will be appreciated by the movers who will be helping you on the big day.

sell items you dont need 5-1 weeks moving checklistWhile you are packing your belongings, file a change of address with the postal service, or ask them to hold your mail at the post office in your new community/city. Also, notify utility services of your move, at both your old and new locations (electric, water, gas, telephone, cell phone, cable/satellite and internet, sewer and trash collection).

As the big moving day is getting closer, reviewing and confirming travel arrangements will be ideal. Make sure that your vehicle is serviced and travel arrangements have been decided for your pets and family. Also conform parking for your moving trailer/container. Plan your meal for the last couple of weeks in your soon to be old home. Contact your bank or credit card company if your are planning to pay for your move by debit or credit card. Hopefully, all of your belongs are packed a week before moving day. Pack an essentials box to keep with our during the move. Organize your boxes in one room for the movers. A room or a wall that is easily accessible and leaves enough room for foot traffic. Communicate with the moving company about your furniture and larger pieces that you have.

Moving Day!

moving day your moving checklistOn the day of the move, direct the movers around your old and new home. Notify them about any fragile items and what room is what. If you labeled boxes with “den room,” direct the movers to the den room in your new home. Let the professional commercial and residential Glendale movers do the heavy lifting while you focus on making sure that the kids, wife/husband, pets are ready to leave the old home.

This checklist is unusual and long. This list is mostly convenient to people who are moving from one residence to another, but a few items will also be useful for commercial moving. The list may seem long, but they are simple steps that you will be grateful you took once you are settled in your new home/office building. Moving is exciting. A new place means a new chapter for you, your family and/or work. To add a little ease to your move, contact A to Z Valley Wide Movers. We are an Arizona moving company that provides moving services for residential and commercial movers.

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