4 Health Tips When Moving into an Old Home

Old homes have style and charm that you just don’t find in modern homes. New home designs seem to be focused on building a home as quickly and as cheaply as possible, so there is not as much variation in the architecture and the materials are not as high quality. You can often buy an older home for less money than a newer home, as well, depending on where it’s located and other circumstances.


Yet for all the benefits of older homes, there are also some downsides. Notably, there can be a lot of health hazards when moving into an older home, depending on what materials were used in its construction and how well the home has been maintained over the years.

It is important that you take precaution when you move into an older home, including getting a thorough inspection. Here are some other precautions you can take to protect your health:

Clean the Tile and Brick

clean tiles and bricks for your new homeTile and brick are popular materials in older homes. The use of high-quality and long-lasting materials like tile and brick was valued once upon a time. But allergens can get trapped beneath improperly grouted tile – including tile that was re-grouted in an attempt at restoration. And dirt and allergens can also get trapped in brick and stone as it starts to wear down over time. Allergens can lower the air quality in the home, causing breathing problems and infections.

You can solve this problem by hiring a professional Chandler tile floor cleaning company like Desert Tile and Grout Care. The company can clean your floors to get rid of dirt and allergens, or perform Phoenix tile and grout cleaning to revive the look. It can also re-grout the tile properly so that the allergens are removed and the tile is properly protected. Sealing can also prevent re-exposure and can make the tile easier to clean.

Clean or Replace the Carpets

carpet cleaning and removalCarpets feel nice under foot, but they are a nightmare for health. Carpets hold all kinds of dirt, hair, dander, mold, and other allergens. They can significantly lower the air quality in your home, making it hard for you to breathe clean air and creating unpleasant aromas. A professional carpet cleaning company can restore your carpets so that they look great and are free of allergens.

In some cases, you may not be able to clean the carpets since the stains and debris are so set in. You will need to consider removing the carpet and either replacing it or upgrading to tile.

Treat for Pests

clear pest from your new homePests may have taken hold in an older home. Termites, scorpions, mice, roaches, and more could have nests deep inside the walls or in the attic, and they may have taken over the house. Sometimes, the signs may be obvious that there is an infestation. Other times, you need to hire a professional like Varsity Termite and Pest Control to inspect the property to determine if there is a problem.

If pests are found, work with the Mesa pest control company to develop a treatment plan to eradicate the pests. Otherwise, your family is at risk of infection, respiratory problems, or venomous stings.

Inspect the Walls and Insulation

inspect your new home top to bottomOlder homes are at risk for everything from mold to lead to asbestos. Sometimes, the risk is from the original builders using materials that have now been found to be harmful, and sometimes, the risk is from poor maintenance that hasn’t caught issues occurring over time, such as water damage from a slow leak. The health risks can be as severe as cancer.

Get an inspection of your walls and insulation to check the materials and to make sure there are no signs of damage. These are insidious problems that may take a while to show up, so don’t skip the inspection, and make sure you have a professional who is experienced in this type of work.

Older homes require a little extra caution when buying because they could have problems from poor care or poor materials. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the amazing opportunities these homes provide. You just need to be aware of the potential health issues and take care of them properly, such as investing in professional Mesa tile floor cleaning and getting the right inspections.

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