Cleaning Old Germs from Your New Home’s Tile and Grout

Mold and mildew are the enemies of tile and grout. Tile floors are often installed in places that get a lot of water exposure, such as the kitchen and bathroom, because they are resistant to warping and other typical water damage. However, those rooms are typically warm and humid. Combine those conditions with regular exposure to water, and the tile floors become the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Regular mopping won’t limit the spread of germs like mold and mildew. Germs can rest deep in the pores of the tile, so you need to use the right cleaners and really get in there with some elbow grease to clean out all the tiny grooves.

Cleaning Old Germs

Unfortunately, when you move into a new home, you are at the mercy of the former owners. They may have whitened the grout or used bleach to whiten it, but that doesn’t mean that there are no germs lying there in the grooves. You’ll need to give the tile and grout a good scrub to be sure that the floors are sanitary. Here are the cleaners you should use:


When you are tackling germs, you are actually fighting living organisms. You aren’t just removing dirt. Salt is very effective in killing single-celled organisms, which includes mold. These cells are primarily composed of water, and the salt dehydrates them, thereby eliminating them. Salt

In order for the salt to be effective, you must first wet the area. The water dilutes and spreads the salt around, letting it get into all the spaces. Just spray down the floor and then sprinkle some salt around the area. Then rub the floor with a wet or damp cloth to work the mixture into the tile and the grout. Then let the area remain over night as it is and rinse it off in the morning.


TilesBorax is actually a mineral, though most people think of it like a detergent. Borax is created from the seasonal evaporation that occurs at salt lakes. Because of this, it has a high alkalinity, making it an effective cleaner and disinfectant. Because it disinfects, it also serves to deodorize.

You can find Borax at most grocery stores and home improvement stores. Just pour some of the powder into a box and dip a damp cloth in it. Rub the damp powder into the tile and grout to scrub them both clean. The moist powder will also be able to penetrate the pores of the grout and tile, killing any germs that lie deep inside.


Hydrogen peroxide is great for cleaning as well as cleaning up cuts. That’s because it disinfects wherever it is applied. Not only does hydrogen peroxide kills germs, but it also whitens the area. It is ideal for cleaning tile and grout in AZ, as well as other areas in your home. (You can even use it to clean your old baking pans.)

To use hydrogen peroxide to clean, it is best to mix it with another agent to make a paste. You can use baking soda and peroxide to create a double-strength cleaner, or you can just mix with the peroxide with plain white flour. Use whatever ratio is necessary to make a paste, and then apply it to the grout and tile. Cover the area with plastic wrap for maximum effectiveness. Leave the area over night, and rinse everything off in the morning.Cleanings Products

Steam Clean

Steam cleaning can get out even the toughest stains and kill mold and mildew in even the deepest and tiniest spaces in your grout and tile. Steam cleaning also removes dirt, soap scum, and any other debris that might be lurking in your tile and grout. The high heat and pressure help to clear everything out of even those tiny spaces.

You can rent a steam cleaner to perform your own tile and grout cleaning, but that is not recommended. You could easily damage your floors, as well as other items in your home. For example, a steam cleaner can damage silicone caulking lines or enamel surfaces, such as what you would find in a tub. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that your floors are thoroughly cleaned but that no other parts of your home are damaged.

Never use acidic cleaners or bleach on your tile or grout, as these can both damage the materials. Keep up a regular cleaning schedule with baking soda or other appropriate cleaners and keep the area free of standing water and you’ll keep mold and mildew from forming.

When you move into a new home, call the professionals at Arizona Tile and Stone Specialist to clean your tile floors and grout to ensure that they are clean and free of germs. We also clean showers, backsplashes, and other tiled areas. Our professionals will get your tile sparkling and will make sure it is sanitary and safe for your family. Call us today to learn more about our services or to make an appointment for your AZ tile and grout cleaning.


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