Don’t Overlook these Aspects during Your Move

Moving can be chaos. You can search dozens of boxes just to figure out where you put the towels and end up using and old t-shirt to dry off because you never found them. Or you can get to moving day and feel like you have checked everything off your list, only to discover that you forgot the keys to your new place.

It’s easy to overlook important details, as well as to misplace the little things during your move. With a little planning, a lot of list making, and maybe some help from a top-notch moving company in Arizona, you can make the process easier and make sure you don’t forget anything. Here are a few common things that people overlook that you’ll want to keep in mind:

Moving Tips

Remove Items from Dressers

Some people like to leave their clothes and other items in their dressers. They figure that the drawers are ideal for packing instead of using additional boxes. Unfortunately, leaving those items in the dresser makes the piece much harder to carry. Not only is it much heavier, but there is no good place to grip the dresser without risking things falling out.

Even if you want to leave clothes in the dresser (which we discourage), you should at least remove heavy items and fragile items. Take out books, dishes, ceramic décor, and other items that can easily become damaged or that can make moving the dresser harder. Do the same for other items that have drawers, such as desks, armoires, and buffets.

Label Boxes Appropriately

Searching for items is perhaps the most common and frustrating aspect of moving. You can minimize the chances that you’ll be tearing open boxes frantically by staying organized through your move. Pack similar items together in boxes, such as all your bathroom towels and personal items in one box and your kitchen towels and cookware in other boxes.

Once you finish packing a box, label it according to what room it is and a brief list of what’s inside. For example, you can write “cookware” instead of listing every pot and pan you have inside. Include enough details to know what’s in the box though – don’t be too vague for the sake of brevity. Use a larger label or color-coded label to identify the room so that you can group these boxes quickly and identify them on sight.

Reserve the Elevator

If you are moving out of an apartment – or into one – you will need to use a freight elevator to move your belongings. This elevator may not be available all the time, and you may need special permission to use it. If you don’t look into this before the day of your move, you may get the bad news that you have to take the stairs (or reschedule your move).

Check in with your building management to learn about the policies for the elevator and to reserve it if you can. You’ll definitely want that elevator for moving all your heavy things, whether you’re going up or coming down.

Ensure Parking

You’re going to need a place to park that huge moving truck in front of your house while you unload it. And you’re going to need a place to park it while you unload at the new location. You can’t expect to impose on the generosity of your neighbors, and you can’t expect that the traffic laws won’t apply to you.

Talk to your building management, homeowner’s association, or city officials about what measures you will need to take for parking the moving truck in both locations. You may need a special permit or other permission. You don’t want to get a ticket or start life in your new home by making the neighbors angry.

Moving can be confusing and stressful, but you don’t have to be resigned to the chaos. Make a moving plan that includes these and other tips and to-dos, and consult with a moving company around Arizona to make arrangements for your move or to get additional tips. You’ll be much happier to start life in your new home without all the added stress.

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