Should You Move Before Or After The Baby Comes?

Becoming a parent is very exciting and scary. Exciting because your family is expanding. If it is your first child, it’s the excitement of becoming a new parent and you can foresee all the thrilling changes. Well, most of the changes are thrilling. For one, getting a minivan, or a similar vehicle, is not very thrilling. However, when the family is expanding, that means more space is required. Usually, a new couple lives in a small one bedroom apartment or two bedroom house. When a baby is on the way an extra bedroom is needed. The scary part of becoming a parent is looking out for your kid. It’s scary because you are questioning and doubting every decision you make. Moving into a new house is best for your family. In the state of Arizona, we recommend to move into a house during the fall, winter or spring. Summer’s are very brutal in some cities of Arizona. Being aware that mom has a baby bump that limits her ability to move, hence the question: Should we move before or after the baby comes? Below, are the pros and cons of moving before and after the baby comes, but a local residential mover in Peoria can help.

should you move before or after the baby comes

Before the baby comes.

You are able to move quickly. That means that you are able to attend open house, meet with realtors, and visit banks without having to carry a newborn baby. Plus, you’ll have more energy. A new born child requires to a lot attention. If the baby starts to cry, it’s sign that he or she is hungry, needs a diaper change, time for a nap or just wants to be with mom and dad. Moving into a new a house before the baby eliminates the extra work. You will be able to pack and unpack with any distractions. Also, when the baby is born, you will need to pack baby appliances and gear as well. While you are pregnant, all the appliances and gear is still packed or unopened. Moving into a new house before the baby comes is less work and less stressful.

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Another thing to keep in mind, once the baby is born, the baby takes time to adapt to their environment. Being in your new house before the baby is born will allow the child to adjust and familiarize with the environment. Whereas moving after the baby is born, you will disturb your child’s sleeping patterns and will be difficult to adjust him or her back into the pattern. As mentioned before, a newborn baby requires a lot of attention. Cuddling your new baby in your new home will give you time to relax, bond, and enjoy the child and house. You’ll be able to relax during your postnatal recovery. Most women experience physical discomfort for weeks, or months, after giving birth, and lifting heavy boxes will be out of the question. Ergo, recovering in your new home while bonding with your baby is better. On top of everything, it saves you money and time. You won’t have to pay the Mesa movers for the extra time they will take to transport all of your personal belongs and the baby’s to your new place.

After the baby comes

According to American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women lifting with a baby bump is a bad idea. It rises the stakes for birth risks. Which, in that case, you have two choices. One, let everyone else do the packing and lifting, or, two, move after the baby comes. Plus, if you wait until after the baby is born, you won’t have the baby bump. Eliminating the baby bump will allow you to pack and organize comfortably. Another good reason to wait until after the baby come is you will have experience to help you choose your new home.moving while pregnant in mesa Spending time with your new child will give you perspective on what you need in your new home: laundry room, an actual office, bigger living room, or a bigger kitchen. Having the baby first and then moving will open your perspective bigger than you realize.

Once you’ve moved into a new community with your toddler, it will be easier to make friends. You can plug yourself into groups for new mommies, rather then going on a weekly walking group, a book club, or a “mommy and me” style fitness classes. Parents attract other parents. If you have a newborn child, moving to a new house will also be easy as well. First-time moms and dads will realize that a newborns will sleep, eat, and poop as if it’s their job. If moving after the baby is born, all the first time parents need to do is keep them well fed, warm, and dry. The baby won’t even notice the move.

Having another baby or becoming a first-time parent is very exciting. Whichever you decide to do, move before or after the baby comes, locate a Mesa moving company for help. Whether you’re pregnant or have a toddler, having a local moving company near you in Peoria help you move to your new home is the best. A to Z Valley Wide Movers will be happy to assist you in this new and exciting change. Contact us today!

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