Moving Supplies Checklist: Everything You’ll Need For a Successful Move

What Supplies Should You Start Packing Before Your Next Move?

As you begin to pack for your upcoming move, you don’t want to overlook one of the most important details: having the right supplies. Fortunately, moving supplies are easy to find online and in local stores. Save time and reduce stress by getting your supplies organized before you start packing, with this handy list as your guide! If you don’t have time or energy to get our possessions packed, remember that your Chandler moving company offers packing and unpacking services in addition to getting everything moved to your new home. Here is a comprehensive checklist of everything you will need for a successful move. 

Moving Supplies Checklist: Everything You'll Need for a Successful Move

Boxes & More Boxes

It’s no surprise that plenty of boxes are crucial for getting your belongings moved. It’s best not to overfill boxes, which damages your things and also makes boxes too heavy to move easily. You can avoid this common problem by having plenty of boxes in a variety of sizes available throughout your packing process. Start looking for moving boxes in the weeks or even months before you move so you don’t need to stress or waste valuable time right before moving trying to find more. Gilbert movers can provide quality moving boxes if you need them.

You’ll want to have large and extra large boxes available for your larger items, and smaller boxes for delicate or heavy items. You may also want to have different types of boxes available for specialized purposes such as packing dishes. And don’t limit yourself to cardboard! Rentable plastic moving bins are becoming popular for their ease of use and stacking. 

Small Moving Boxes are ideal for heavy items such as books, and delicate items you want packed separately from other things. They are also easy for almost all of your moving help to handle. 

Large Moving Boxes are a great choice for light to medium weight items such as lampshades, pillows, and clothing. 

Extra Large Moving Boxes can be filled with bulky but lightweight items such as blankets, clothing, and pillows.

Wardrobe Boxes are usually made with a hanger bar so that shirts, suits, and coats can be transported directly from your closet.

Heavy-Duty Boxes are reinforced with thicker walls and useful for moving books, dishes, or electronics.

There’s no exact formula for calculating how many boxes you’ll end up needing. However, a basic rule is 70-150 boxes for a typical three bedroom home. You may need more or less depending on how you pack. Also consider the number of rooms in your home, how many people live in your home, your home’s square footage, and whether you like to hold on to things or have a minimalist approach. 

Packing Supplies

In addition to plenty of boxes, you’ll want some other basic packing supplies, some of which can be provided by your Scottsdale affordable moving company:

  • Packing tape for sealing boxes
  • Duct tape for reinforcing heavier boxes
  • Painter’s tape for labeling electronics
  • Scissors 
  • Tape gun for quick tape dispensing
  • Toolbox with basic screwdriver set, cordless drill, hammer, pliers, and wrench to help disassemble furniture
  • Plastic baggies and a marker to label hardware sets and electronic cables
  • Bubble wrap for protecting fragile items and adding cushioning to boxes
  • Newspaper or unprinted news wrapping paper to wrap your fragile items without getting ink on your belongings
  • Furniture pads and moving blankets to protect your furniture from scratches during the moving process
  • Floor protectors to protect your floors on moving day
  • Mattress covers to keep your mattresses clean during the move
  • Bungee cords to hold things in place in the moving truck
  • Plastic wrap to keep nightstand drawers closed during the moving process
  • Dolly or hand cart to make moving easier
  • Box cutter to help you get boxes opened faster as you unpack
  • Trash bags and trash cans to keep things tidy while you pack and on moving day
  • Permanent markers to label your boxes. Keep things easy by labeling boxes by the room and including a detailed list of contents.

Cleaning Supplies

Finally, set aside a box of cleaning supplies to have available on moving day so you can have a smooth exit from your old home and get a fresh start at your new home. Consider putting this box of cleaning supplies in your personal vehicle on moving day so the items are easily accessible. Some of the cleaning supplies you’ll want to have available are:

  • Paper towels
  • Gloves
  • Window and bathroom cleaners
  • Mop and bucket
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Hand vacuum

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