Watch Out for These Common Moving Scams

Hiring a professional moving company can make your move faster and easier. You can kick back and relax, knowing that experienced professionals are handling everything for you. The good news is that you have a lot of options for local movers in Gilbert and the surrounding area. The bad news is that you can’t trust every moving company that you find. Some are not who they say they are, and some will even find ways to cheat you out of money.

You need to educate yourself before you hire a moving company so you know that you are hiring trusted professionals. Here are some common moving scams you should know about to help you avoid going into business with the wrong people:

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Working Illegally

Any moving company operating in Arizona should be registered and licensed. If they are not, they are operating illegally. Usually, if you get an estimate that seems too good to be true, it’s probably an illegally operating company.

You should always check the credentials of a company before you hire them. Don’t assume it’s true if the company tells you that they’re licensed or if you see it on their website. Always check with the licensing agency to see if it’s current.

Asking for a Large Deposit

Many moving companies will ask for a deposit to secure their services or the date of your move. However, the deposit will usually be a nominal amount, and you should have the option to pay for it in a variety of ways, including credit card or check.

Scams usually involve moving companies asking for a significant deposit in cash. Then they don’t follow up on providing services.

They just disappear with your money. If you had paid with a credit card, you might have had the option to reverse the charges. But by paying in cash, you will have completely lost out on those funds.

Demanding More Money

You may hire a moving company and agree to a price. Then, just before your move, the company may suddenly say that the move will cost more money. Or the company may say that the move will cost more once it’s underway. The company may say the money is for taxes or other fees, but it’s really a scam to get more money from you.

Make sure you get an in-home estimate for your move before you sign with any moving company. Then do your research to find out what other customers have said about their experiences with the company, and look for any complaints filed against the company.

Holding onto Goods

You may balk if your movers suddenly demand more money from you, and you may refuse to pay it. That’s when the scammers may take their tactics to the next level, holding your belongings for ransom until you pay the additional money.

Again, the best way to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of scam is to do your research thoroughly before you hire any moving company.

Make False Insurance Claims

Movers all carry insurance, but most offer only minimum coverage in case of loss. Some scammers will claim to offer comprehensive insurance coverage that will pay out in the event of any scenario and to cover any kind of damage. This is just not the truth.

You’ll end up hiring these people with a false sense of security, and then you’ll be out a lot of money if something does go wrong.

Unfortunately, too many people out there are waiting to prey upon innocent people and take their money. When you’re moving, you don’t need the added stress of dealing with criminals and con artists. Spend a little extra time researching your options and making sure you’re dealing with a reputable moving company before you hire anyone. You’ll have a smoother experience, and you’ll start life in your new home on a happy note.

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