Questions to Ask Your Maricopa Realtor before Moving In

Working with a Maricopa realtor makes the home-buying process a lot easier. You have an expert on your side who can give you advice and guidance on every step of the process, from finding the best homes in the hottest neighborhoods to choosing the best closing attorney.

Questions to ask your Maricopa realtor before moving in

Your realtor can also be a great source of information about the house you want to buy. Even if the realtor doesn’t know the answer already, he or she has direct access to the homeowners and can find out anything you want. If you are ready to buy a Maricopa home, here are a few questions you should ask your realtor before you move in:

Has Anything Had to Be Fixed on the House Recently?

Has anything had to be fixed on the house recently

Just because something has had to be fixed doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the house – it was fixed, after all! But you do want to know if anything has recently experienced trouble or been fixed so you know the state of the house. For example, if the HVAC system has recently been replaced, you know that any trouble you experience should be minor or should be covered by a warranty.

Major repairs and updates should have been disclosed when you were looking at the house, but the seller may have made other updates that would be useful to know about. Get the info straight from your realtor to know the house’s full history.

Are There Any Quirks about the House?

Maybe there’s a switch that you shouldn’t turn on when the microwave is running because it will make the kitchen light flicker. Or maybe the faucet will only turn off once you jiggle the handle. These are things that it’s better to know about when you move in, instead of having to figure them out over weeks or months.

Some of these issues may also signal that you need to repair or replace some items. Having the information will help you to make the right choices and to get used to your new home more quickly.

When Was the Last Maintenance?

When was the last maintenance

When you are looking at homes for sale in Maricopa, chances are very good that the home will have a pool. (The Arizona summers are too hot without one!) You should find out when the last time the pool received routine maintenance, such as a cleaning and service to the filter or pump. Then you know when the next time you need to get the maintenance will be, which ensures a longer life for the pool and fewer repair costs over time.

Ask about other recent maintenance performed on the house, such as for the roof, the HVAC system, the septic system, the water softener, and any other major systems. You’ll need to know when the septic tank was pumped, when the roof was inspected, when the exterior was repainted, and so on so that you can maintain the proper schedule for these things going forward.

Will Anything be Left Behind?

Will anything be left behind

A lot of people don’t feel like moving some of the things they own with them. For example, they might not want to get that huge sectional out of the house through that weird angle and the narrow doorway. Or they might be moving into a condo and don’t want – or need – their lawnmower or leaf blower. You should ask if they are leaving anything behind.

Just by asking, you might be letting the owners know that they have the opportunity to gift or sell you some of these things. You might get a great deal on some things you need for the house, or you might get a few extras thrown in.

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Where is the Circuit Box?

You’ll need to know where the circuit box is, the water shut-off valve, the access to the plumbing for the tub and shower, and other important points of access. Don’t assume that you’ll figure out where these things are. Ask your Maricopa realtor to find out and to give you the lay of the land in the house. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and groping in the dark if there’s ever a problem.

What Movers Do You Recommend?

What movers do you recommend

Finally, make sure you get a great recommendation for a mover. You don’t want to have to move all that stuff yourself and put your belongings in danger. Most Maricopa realtors will recommend A to Z Valleywide Movers, which has a fantastic reputation throughout the Valley area. You can hire the Maricopa moving company just to move your belongings to your new Maricopa home, or you can hire them to do everything from packing your things to putting everything in its new place.

Consider your realtor your partner in the home buying process. Get the answers to all these questions to make sure you are ready to move into your new home and be settled. The Maricopa Real Estate Company can help you if you are looking to buy a Maricopa home. Our expert realtors know the area well, and they can help you find the best deals among the homes for sale in Maricopa. Call us today to start talking with a realtor or to begin your search in Maricopa.

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