Top Tips for a Successful Interstate Move

Moving across state lines is a lot more difficult than moving across town or even to another city. You can’t head back to your house for another careful when you run out of space in the van. You can’t just throw your plants or your pets in the backseat and go for a quick ride across town. You can’t get a friend with a truck to help you load up.

Proper planning can help you to make your interstate move a success. So can following these tips:

Top Tips for a Successful Interstate Move

Research State Laws

You may be surprised to learn that you can’t take some things with you on your interstate move, such as certain plants, foods, or other personal belongings. If you are moving into Arizona, for example, you won’t be able to bring all of your house plants. Ditto for California and Florida. Hawaii is notorious for its strict guidelines about what can be brought into its borders.

Never assume that what’s in your moving truck is OK to bring with you – or that you won’t be discovered. Look up guidelines before your move to save yourself any hassle later.

Downsize Your Belongings

Moving across state is always going to be more expensive than moving closer to home. You will have to pay more for the truck, more for the gas, more for the movers. You can easily bring down your expenses and make your move an easier one by just downsizing your belongings before you go. Don’t wait until your in your new home and unpacking your boxes to decide that there are things you don’t need. Do that Goodwill purge before you start packing.

When you downsize, you might even consider selling some of those unnecessary things to help pay for your move. If you don’t need the cash, donate the items to help someone in need.

Create a Moving Plan

Make your interstate move a smooth one by creating a plan as soon as you know you need to move. Make a list of people and companies you need to call, such as the movers, the new electric company, the Internet company, and so on. Make a list of the rooms and areas of your home that need to be packed. Make a list of things you need to do for your pets or your children, such as get a sedative from the vet or pack games for the kids.

Once you have a list of the things you’ll need to do, create deadlines for each. You’ll then have a detailed plan for your entire move, and you can just go down the list to keep yourself organized and on schedule.

Make Plans for the Day Of

The day of your move will involve a lot more than just getting in the truck and driving, even if you have movers packing up everything for you. If you have children, you’ll need a plan for how to keep them comfortable and entertained throughout the move, so you’ll need a list of what to put in the car that day. If you have pets, you’ll need a plan for how to transport them, such as having a bed ready in a crate in your back seat, as well as how to keep them comfortable, such as having food, water, and medications ready for them. You’ll also need to have a checklist for things like handing over the keys, packing up your last-minute essentials, and so on.

Finally, you’ll also need to have a space in your vehicle for personal belongings and valuables. You shouldn’t pack up things like expensive or sentimental jewelry, important documents, or personal electronics. Make sure you have these ready to put in your vehicle.

Hire the Right Movers

You can always rent a truck and move yourself across state lines, but you’ll making things harder on yourself if you do. By hiring an experienced and professional interstate moving company, you can trust that your home will be packed and moved safely, with little effort or stress on your part.

Spend some time researching your options to be sure that you are hiring the right interstate moving company. You should find a company that has experience, licensing and insurance, and a solid reputation for service and results. With the right movers on your side and following these tips, you’ll get to your new home safely and with a minimum of stress.

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